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What is Textiles Scotland?

The organisation formerly known as the ‘Scottish Textile and Leather Association’ has rebranded under the banner of ‘Textiles Scotland’. The industry association for the textile and leather industry of Scotland will carry on their work under the ‘Textiles Scotland’ name. Textiles Scotland is a member organisation which aims to support the development of the textile industry in Scotland, through a range of member benefits.

What happened to the STLA?

As the STLA expanded, we took a look at our brand and decided we wanted it to be very clear who we are and what we do. We felt that Textiles Scotland was a much clearer and representative name for our organisation, so we had the opportunity to take this brand name and merge it into our organisation. We feel that ‘Textiles Scotland’ is a transparent, and effective name for our organisation. It has better Search Engine Optimisation, which in turn will make our members easier to find online for prospective international and domestic buyers.


Am I still a member of the STLA?

You are now a member of Textiles Scotland, instead of the STLA. This change has been seamless for you, and there is nothing you need to do to ensure you are still a member. If you display your STLA member badge online anywhere, we would request that you remove this and update it with the new Textiles Scotland member badge which you will receive by email. By now you will have received an email detailing how to navigate around the new website and update your profile.


Why does my bank statement still say STLA?

The STLA still exists as a legal body, but all outward-facing material will now come under the brand Textiles Scotland. Your membership fees will still be paid to the STLA bank account.

You've dropped 'leather' from your name, do you still support leather manufacturers?

Absolutely. We still fully support leather manufacturing in Scotland. We are just using a shorter, more concise brand name to support all the same types of companies as before.


What’s new for me as a member?

We have an exciting new brand identity, and to go along with that, an exciting new website. This website has been designed to be more dynamic, and to provide a better user experience. You will now visit textilescotland.com instead of stla.uk.com to login. You will continue to use the email address registered to your account, but will create a new password. You will now be able to renew your membership online, and pay for events, as we now have integrated a payment system. We have created a Members Only Knowledge Hub, designed to help you and your business go further. You can now benefit from the use of Member Forums to discuss any challenges you might be facing, or to get some advice.

We hope this answers any questions you might have about our rebrand from STLA to Textiles Scotland.

However, if there is anything you wish to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact the Textiles Scotland team on info@textilescotland.com

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