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Nick Bannerman

Johnstons of Elgin


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Johnstons of Elgin
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Nick Bannerman
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When you see an authentic Johnstons product you can be sure it is Made in Scotland. We have the last remaining vertical woollen mill in Scotland and continue to invest millions of pounds sterling in updating and ensuring that our technology remains up with the best in the world.

Every stage of the manufacturing process is controlled at Johnstons from the selection of fibre through to despatch to customers worldwide. Cashmere is not about volume. It is about value, beauty and rarity. Johnstons customers do not want to see a Johnstons product with any other label than Made in Scotland on it. They want the real thing.

As well as its own collection, each year the company produces cashmere for the world’s biggest brands and fashion houses. Increasingly the Johnstons values of authentic, ethical supply, Made in Scotland, are cherished by global luxury brands.

Independently run since 1797, the company has been making accessories, fabric and knitwear from luxurious fibres for over two centuries. Johnstons knitwear is crafted at the factory in Hawick, in the Scottish Borders, while our woven accessories and fabrics are produced at our mill on the banks of the River Lossie in Elgin, north east Scotland.
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