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Jenny Duncan

Timorous Beasties


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Timorous Beasties
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Jenny Duncan
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Established in 1990 in Glasgow by Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons, Timorous Beasties are renowned for their distinctive style and the quality of their printed fabrics, wallpapers, and interior products. Timorous Beasties hand-print their wallpapers and fabrics, but also work with other manufacturers to produce lace, jacquards, lighting, rugs and ceramics. They have produced successful collections for Brintons Carpets and collaborated with brands such as Nike and Famous Grouse. Their work could be seen as a wayward take on the often “twee” world of textiles, with heavily illustrative insects, triffid-like plants, birds and other animals. They are also known for their take on the Toile de Jouy fabrics from Napoleonic France, and have designed a number of Toile’s based on different cities around the world. The ‘Toile’ designs include a balance of decorative, architectural, and human contexts. Through reference to images of the cityscape, they have articulated an exclusively urban genre, focusing on the under-belly of urban social realism. Their controversial ‘Edinburgh Toile’ design was featured on the cover of the Edinburgh Festival 2009 brochure. At the London Design Festival 2010 Timorous Beasties launched a new collection of rugs for Brintons carpets and ‘Ramshead’ upholstery fabric by Bute Fabrics in addition to their Solid Wallcoverings range of fabric backed vinyls.
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