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Collagen Fibre

02-Oct-2017 11:37 AM | Anonymous

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

My name is Gordon Paul, I am Group Head of Research at Devro. I was previously in academia where my main research activities were in the area of collagen biochemistry. I am interested in understanding processing of collagen, its basic properties and possible commercial uses.

Can you explain the project you have received Challenge Funding for? 

We received funding to investigate the use of collagen from in various parts in our process to make a new type of fibre from which novel textiles could be made.

Why do you believe the textiles industry needs the project you are working on?

It is something new and had the potential to open up new markets in the textile industry. 

What have you managed to achieve progress on since you were awarded the Challenge Fund?

We managed to show it was feasible to make unique fibres with interesting properties on a laboratory scale.

What impact has your project had, to date?

This was an early stage concept project and such impact cannot be estimated at present.

What does the future look like for your project? What are the next steps?

It is not our core business and any further involvement would need to be through collaborative agreement with others. This is being investigated.

Gordon Paul interviewed by Kimberley White

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