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Thermo-chemical Processing of Waste Wool (Pyrolysis)

02-Oct-2017 11:00 AM | Anonymous

Can you tell us a little about who is behind this project?

This is a collaborative research project by members of staff from Heriot-Watt University: Jim McVee and Danmei Sun from the School of Textiles and Design, and Aimaro Sanna from the School of Engineering & Physical Sciences. I, Jim McVee, have around thirty years’ experience in commercial textiles, seventeen of those in Textile Testing Quality Control and Product Development. I have worked for Peter MacArthur of Hamilton whose client base included Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Gap, Gaultier, and M&S. I also worked for MacNaughton Holdings in Perth for seven years as QC Manager covering a wide product base from Highland wear to Contract Upholstery.

Can you explain the project you have received Challenge Funding for? 

We have received funding to trial the conversion of wool waste in to energy and high value by products.

Why do you believe the textiles industry needs the project you are working on?

All traditional textiles have the same types of waste and companies are losing approximately £400k annually.

What have you managed to achieve progress on since you were awarded the Challenge Fund?

We have a working bench top prototype and have proven concept, and have filed for patent.

What impact has your project had, to date?

The project is still active.

What does the future look like for your project? What are the next steps?

We have secured a bridging fund from the Energy Technology Partnership, and will hopefully be successful in being awarded KTP which is the final step before commercialisation.

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