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Technical - high performing.

Scotland is also a world leader in technical textiles – producing high performance and diverse fabrics, garments and products for a range of sectors including medical, military, automotive and offshore oil & gas. Products are continually being developed including woven wire with the strength to propel space craft into orbit.

From rainwear...

Unsurprisingly, Scotland has strong expertise in rain wear - let’s face it, there’s no better test market.

Keela (pictured left) is one company which keeps pushing the boundaries of invention. Entering the world of technical outdoor clothing, the brand had one sole aim – to offer quality garments packed with innovation and technology.

Keela’s ‘Advanced Construction Technology’ fuels continued improvement, with constant research in to the most advanced fabric technology available.

... to protective clothing

Companies like Sarkar Defence and Jack Ellis make combat zone-ready helmets and body wear, while J&D Wilkie's range including camouflage fabrics and heat shield textile products.

Technical and versatile

Scotland's technical textiles include woven, knitted and bonded fabrics in Polymers, Glass Fibre, Carbon Fibre, Biodegradable and 3Dimensional fabrics for Automotive, Security and Medical implants.

Scotland makes technical textiles for the Automotive, Medical, Geo and Agro-textile industries, as well as protective clothing such as the Jack Ellis bulletproof tweed waistcoat.

Out of this world

With their incredible strength/weight ratio, Culzean's flawless cables of woven aluminium wire can be used to propel spacecraft to far-flung planets or retrieve satellites from low-Earth-orbit.

And that's just one of Culzean Fabrics' fabulous inventions. Other pioneering products include a one-piece seamless airbag (now the automobile industry standard), a revolutionary new suspension system based on fabric springs; and a chew-proof net for transporting piranha.

As Partner Nicolas Le Clanche says, "What we try to do is take a traditional technology or process and apply new thinking and new materials to it. We knit and weave everything except clothing." In fact, such is their versatility that technical textiles find their way into a host of sectors including healthcare, offshore oil and gas, electronics, forestry, construction and industrial packaging.

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