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    The Inside Stitch - Rosie Sugden

    Rosie Sugden is an innovative luxury cashmere collection, designed and manufactured in Scotland.

    A graduate in Knitwear Design, Rosie launched her own label in 2011.


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    Rosie Sugden

    Why did you start working in the textiles industry?

    My father worked in textiles all his life, when I was little he used to take me around the mill with him after school. I loved seeing all the spinning and knitting machinery, the smell of the dye house and seeing the raw cashmere fibre go through all the processes and coming out the other end as a lovely jumper.

    I went on to study knitwear design at University so I knew that was the career route I wanted to take.


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    What do you think is so special about the industry?

    The ability to draw on the heritage and creative landscape of Scotland to produce innovative, modern textile products that are different. I am lucky that where I live is a the hub of the Scottish knitting and weaving industry so having these wonderful skills on my door-step is a huge benefit.

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    Name one Scottish designer/manufacturer that you admire.

    My great friend Karen Mabon, an extremely talented illustrator and designer. Her designs are so unusual, and vibrant and she’s got such a good eye for detail.


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    What do you think will have the greatest impact on the Scottish textile industry in the next 10 years?

    The key to the progression of the industry in Scotland is the design and development of new and challenging products, in conjunction with greater emphasis on the preservation of manufacturing and sewing skills. We have to aim to do things better and not accepting ordinary products.

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    What words of advice do you have for the next wave of upcoming talent?

    Think long and hard about setting up your own business. You live and breathe what you do every day and it can become all consuming. It’s very hard to prepare for the ups and downs of running your own business but if you work really hard and don’t give up the rewards are huge. Be honest with yourself and identify your strengths and more importantly your weaknesses, then find a way to improve!