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Designer in residence opportunity: Scottish Tartan

28-Jun-2021 10:03 AM | Anonymous

The UK partner for the @givebackcredit_ project co-funded by Creative Europe is looking for designers to take part in a residency programme this summer.

Creative Summer Residencies

The residency is in Inverness (the Scottish Highlands), and Bihor (Romania) working with local artisans of heritage products (Scottish tartan, IA Romanian Blouse). Designers can apply for one of these residencies or both should they wish.

The concept is to work collaboratively with these heritage communities and textiles to create a collection that amplifies the culture, the makers, the production, and the location in an age where cultural appropriation is rife in design. The project is aiming to show best-practice in how to work with heritage communities. The project pays the accommodation, travel for the designer residency and the costs for making of the resulting collection.

As the fashion industry begins to shift towards a more sustainable future, it is important to recognise cultural sustainability as a key focus in this transition. “Give (Back) Credit to the Heritage Communities” aims to raise awareness of this issue and actively disrupt the practice of cultural appropriation in fashion, while promoting and preserving the specificity and skills of the craftsmen.

The project will assess the barriers that prevent the artisan communities being included and/or remunerated by the fashion industry when creating collections inspired by the traditional artefacts.

A special emphasis will be placed on the international legal framework applicable to intangible cultural heritage, and on the contemporary business models evident in the fashion industry that make accountability so problematic.

The closing date for applications is 8 July 2021.

Read more about the residency proposal here

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