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Call for Wool Yarn

06-Dec-2016 6:03 PM | Kimberley White

Instigated by the Deacon of The Weavers Trade in Dundee, an initiative has recently been started in Dundee and the surrounding area that requires wool yarn – any colour, any spool, any count.

The Weavers Trade is sponsoring hand looms to go into care homes, and then a secondary school is paired with the care home. There is also one heddle loom that is being moved from school to school to be used in conjunction with their arts department.

Sandra Thomson, schools co-ordinator of the Weavers Trade in Dundee, is helping to introduce the secondary school pupils to the care homes and has started a programme centred around weaving to give a purpose for both groups to spend time together.

It has already been found that as a natural development through the connection established around the hand loom, that the schools along with the residents of the care homes are doing additional projects. In one care home there are now gardening projects; in another home pupils and residents are painting a garden shed. Already there have been two pupils, who on leaving school, took up employment in one of the care homes. The care home managers are very supportive of the benefit of having the young people come into their homes.

Once the link runs effectively between the school and the care home, the ongoing management is handed over to the school and care home.  So far three care homes have been paired with a secondary school, and other connections are in progress.

We are looking for any yarn ends and warp strippings that could be supplied free of charge. The yarn for the hand looms would ideally be a heavy wool- easy on the hands.

J&D Wilkie will manage the collection and distribution of the wool. All contributors will be notified to the Weavers Trade and acknowledged. No person or company is making any money from this – it is entirely a social enterprise for the benefit of school children and the retired people in the care homes.

If you would like any further information then please contact Kimberley@stla.uk.com.

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