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Business Improvement Academy

01-Mar-2016 1:13 PM | Kimberley White

The Business Improvement Academy is a new innovative approach designed to support ambitious and growing businesses that recognise the need to engage with the concept of sustainable continuous improvement by combining improvement tools and techniques with cultural and behavioural change.

This Academy is aimed at textile companies who will participate in workshop based learning combined with on-site (one-to-one) project work.

Benefit to companies

Participants of the Academy will become cultural enablers for their business, capable of delivering sustainable improvement through developing employee engagement and embedding supporting behaviours.

The guiding principles of the Academy are:

  • Continuous Improvement combined with Behavioural Change – tailored to participant’s own business improvement project
  • Uses Active Learning Techniques – supported by experienced practitioners
  • Focuses on Sustainable Change – embedding the learning to deliver future business benefits
  • Leadership Excellence – practical improvement and embedding of leadership skills
  • Business Excellence – improving the competitiveness of business
  • Engagement – encouraging continuous improvement through engaging with others

Why should you participate?

You have the ambition to drive significant improvements forward (process and behavioural) within your business. However, the rate of change is slower than anticipated; the appetite for change isn’t quite what it should be and any process changes achieved may have been short lived. There is also an expectation that any changes won’t be fully supported, with a consequential migration back to previous practices.

Who should participate?

  • The Academy works with both the leaders in the business and those who have responsibility for enabling change in the business and are keen to secure a higher level of ownership and engagement from their colleagues
  • Those who wish to clearly understand and better appreciate their own respective roles in the change process

Please Note that the sponsoring business leaders will be required to attend Day 1 (19th April) in order to fully understand their role in supporting their delegates back in the workplace as they implement change; the afternoon of Day 6 (11th May) and the afternoon of Day 10 (TBC).


The Academy requires companies to commit to the full 11 day programme and dates are shown overleaf. The Academy is open to applications from textile businesses with aspirations of growth. An initial review will ensure the Academy is the best option to meet current business needs. The cost is £450 (excluding VAT) per delegate paid in advance. It will be held at Scottish Leather Group’s premises in Bridge of Weir (PA11 3RN).

See here for more detail and how to apply.

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