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Malcolm The Weaver Seeks Textile Sponsorship For Education

10-Nov-2015 2:33 PM | Kimberley White

Malcolm the Weaver is on a tireless quest to educate 4-8 year old children in the art, the craft and the emotion of wool,colour, cloth, textiles, design, weaving and knitting.

Malcolm is an apprentice trained weaver and textile designer, and works with The Society of Dyers and Colourists in promoting this project. He has 45 years experience in the weaving and knitting textile trade and in the field of colouration.

In May 2014, Malcolm launched an educational book, Weaver of a Life in Colour, and in March 2015 the follow up book The Rainbow that mixed colour/ The Moon that shone dark, was published.

His mission is to get his children’s colour and textiles education book in to every Primary School and Library in Scotland and England, then to do the same in Australia, New Zealand, USA, India, China, Japan, and Russia. Malcolm is working through sponsorship of the book in to Primary Schools, and so far various organisations have sponsored over 1000 copies of the books into schools.

Malcolm is now looking for textile organisations to sponsor books for local primary schools in some regions of Scotland. He believes that the 4-8 year olds of today are the textile designers, colourists, knitters and artists, and the painters and weavers of 2030 and beyond; therefore teaching them about wool, hue, value, chroma, and the emotion of design, colour and textiles is a wonderful investment for the future.

If you are interested in discussing the detail and the marketing opportunities of a sponsorship, please contact Malcolm directly on campbell.malcolm@yahoo.com. Visit the Malcolm the Weaver website here.

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