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To Sleep Lightly: Open Call For Lead Designer

26-Oct-2015 3:18 PM | Kimberley White

Creative Carbon Scotland in association with Gayfield Creative Spaces and Zero Waste Scotland is offering the chance for an Edinburgh-based designer to lead a new design project exploring the theme of the circular economy.

Call for Lead Designer

This is an exciting opportunity for a designer interested in exploring the themes of the circular economy and environmental sustainability in their work and it engages with a specific problem confronting Scotland’s sustainability agenda.

Were you aware that mattresses represent a major challenge to governments worldwide in relation to land fill and waste management? Experiments in responding to this problem are varied but may not be well recognised or coordinated. Read more here.

ArtCOP Scotland

To Sleep Lightly is part of a wider initiative facilitated by Creative Carbon Scotland called ArtCOP Scotland, engaging with what some are calling the most important event of this century – COP21 UN climate change negotiations in Paris (30th November – 11th December). During the period of COP21 CCS will be supporting a Scotland wide art and design response to the negotiations and exploring what roles art and creativity can play in addressing climate change and building more sustainable societies.

Project Timeline

The project timeline is reasonably flexible with the selected applicant being invited to exhibit preliminary research findings as part of the Gayfield Creative Spaces ArtCOP Hub (Monday 30th November – Friday 4th December).

In agreement with project partners, the selected applicant will propose a project outline which will allow for the exhibition of some work during ArtCOP Scotland but could also be extended beyond this time, with the possibility of an additional exhibition following the completion of the design research, subject to funding.

Project Brief

The designer should have an understanding of and imaginative approach to the links between the circular economy, environmental sustainability and creative practice to apply their design practice to the challenges surrounding mattress production and disposal.

The successful applicant will bring knowledge, skills and expertise to bear in the following outline application brief:

  • Identify the components of the most commonly purchased mattress types in Scotland
  • Apply design thinking to re-use of component parts
  • Exhibit initial research findings during ArtCOP Edinburgh at Gayfield
  • Offer a design discussion for students of design during ArtCOP Edinburgh at Gayfield
  • Define the challenges for the design of a more sustainable mattress

Designer Specification

  • Strong understanding of and imaginative approach to the links between the circular economy, environmental sustainability and creative practices.
  • The ability to communicate and creatively explore these links with audiences.
  • High quality of design practice.
  • Evidence of how these links have already been explored to a high standard of work within their own practice.
  • Ability to install artworks in public spaces.

Designer Fee

The designer will be paid a fee of £1800 for 8.5 days work, based on the Scottish Artist Union daily rate for an artist with 3 years’ post art-school experience. For more information on the SAU: http://www.sau.org.uk/rights/pay/

A £200 materials budget will also be provided as well as additional materials and support in installation of resulting work.

This fee will include:

  • Attendance of x2 meetings with CCS and GCS and launch and panel discussion focused on circular economy/exhibited work
  • x7 day’s work on the design commission
  • x1 day installation of work produced


Deadline for registration of interest is 10am, Friday 30th October at the latest.

Please download the form below to apply:

To Sleep Lightly – Designer Application Form

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