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STLA Rebrands As Textiles Scotland

21-Apr-2017 5:10 PM | Kimberley White

Welcome to the brand new Textiles Scotland!

We are now Textiles Scotland, the membership organisation previously known as the Scottish Textile and Leather Association.

Why the name change you ask?

Well, we decided it was high time for a rebrand. We had the opportunity to take over the brand name Textiles Scotland as we grew our business, and we jumped at the chance. From our point of view, and hopefully yours, the name Textile Scotland sends a clear message to the industry and prospective buyers, about who we represent. After some consideration, we agreed that ‘Textiles Scotland’ presented better opportunities for visibility, to global and domestic markets.

Our mission has not changed, but we are expanding as our support of the Scottish textile industry grows. We are now Textiles Scotland, a membership organisation representing the Scottish textile industry and individual businesses.

Our CEO, David Breckenridge says,

“The Scottish Textile & Leather Association are delighted to announce that we will be re-branding under the banner of ‘Textiles Scotland’ as from April 2017. The organisation will continue to represent member interests by engaging with various government and industry agencies, where we have been particularly successful in recent years. The STLA has played a leading role in the development of initiatives in key areas such as skills and innovation. We remain committed to ensuring that projects which support our businesses, from micro design-led companies through to large-scale knitwear and leather manufacturers, develop the skills of the workforce in a structured manner and continue to increase the capacity for innovation.

In 2016, following considerable consultation with our members, we agreed a new strategy for the fashion, textile and leather industry in Scotland.  This is important because it establishes a framework around which support from various government agencies can be formed. The overall vision for the industry identified in the strategy established that it should be:

  • Regarded globally as truly world class
  • Delivering accelerated international growth
  • Recognised for its innovation and collaboration
  • A career of choice for young people
  • Sustainable with capital and resources utilised effectively

The re-branding of the STLA as ‘Textiles Scotland’ will ensure that we have an instantly recognisable and effective vehicle through which we can influence and promote all the different elements of our strategic vision for the industry.

We look forward to the challenges ahead and are confident that with your support we can ensure that our aspirations become reality.”

If you have any questions about the change from the STLA to Textiles Scotland, please read our FAQs here. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.

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