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Make It In Milan Opportunity

12-May-2017 3:19 PM | Kimberley White

Glasgow Chamber of Commerce are offering Scottish businesses a chance to make connections in new markets and access international business opportunities. The Make It In Milan programme is seeking applications from Scottish businesses in Textiles, Clothing, Fabric Design and Production.

Glasgow Chamber of Commerce has begun to establish a number of partnerships with chambers in cities and regions around the world where there are opportunities for collaboration between member companies.  To optimise the practical business benefits of these partnerships they have organised a series of visits to help Scottish businesses make connections in new markets and access international business opportunities. GCC want to ensure that businesses have access to international markets that meet their specific needs and aspirations and help them to establish commercial relationships which will result in profitable business growth.

The core feature of the Make it in Milan programme will be company to company meetings. These will be arranged through a business matching process conducted by the BCCI in partnership with the Confartigianato Bergamo. The meetings will align the priority prospects for businesses from both sides with the aim of finding common ground to identify opportunities for mutual commercial development. Additional guidance and support will be made available for each potential project in both countries as the business relationships develop.

In order to prepare for the programme businesses are asked to complete a Company Capability Statement and Profile Form which will be used to target the most appropriate potential partners to connect with throughout the visit.

Key Information

  • The visit to Milan will take place on Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 June 2017.
  • You will be matched with a minimum of 3 businesses in Italy that have a direct interest in your business.
  • You will be invited to networking opportunities with a wide range of businesses in Milan, including a place at the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy Gala Dinner on Tuesday 6 June at which HM Ambassador to Italy will be present.
  • The only commitment at the moment is filling in a short application form.
  • Your application will be sent to Italy and the businesses there decide which applicants they would like to see.
  • Glasgow Chamber of Commerce will then feedback the details of the interested companies to you so that you can decide if the matches fit with your objectives and are worthy of your investment in time and money.
  • Only if you feel that there is sufficient value in meeting the companies that have indicated an interest would they ask you to commit to the visit.
  • The participation fee is currently set at £500 but that is negotiable and can be paid in installments.

The deadline for applications is Tuesday 16th May

For more information please see GCC website.

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