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Scottish Interiors LDN: Eribe

07-Sep-2017 1:16 PM | Kimberley White

Who are you, what do you do, and what do you sell?

Since 1986, ERIBÉ have been passionately involved in all technical areas of knitwear with emphasis on design and manufacture. We also hand knit; working with our team of outworkers as well as machine-knitting on all gauges of knitting machines. Specialising in natural fibres and known for our blending of colours, textures, and innovative ideas, we have built up an interesting archive of knitted fabrics which are in constant use for developing ideas for customers and themselves. Our main collection under the brand name of ERIBÉ is inspired by British Heritage, but modernised for a sporty, healthy and busy lifestyle with a focus to make women look younger through finding their own colours. Our main markets are Europe and Asia.

What do you hope to achieve at Scottish Interiors LDN? 

We want to establish new working relationships with larger interior retailers who are keen to work with us to create their own knitted interiors, and interior designers who supply high-end hotels / houses / yachts.

What tools and resources or mentors did you use to create your International Strategy?

With support from Scottish Enterprise and other organisations such as SCDI and the Borders Export Association, ERIBÉ have been on numerous training courses to help write our strategy. However, the best learning has come from working closely with our customers and agents to knit and develop what the market demands.

What do you think the most important part in the creation of an International Strategy?

Listening to the market and trying to imagine what the future demand will be. Building a system that is flexible and used to constantly improve to look after customers and suppliers in a changing market place. Customer service.

What are three milestones in your business trajectory that have gotten you to this point?

1. Getting knitting machines to do in house production 

2. Working with two large loyal German customers (as well as numerous smaller long term customers 

3. Finding a production partner who is able to turn our complicated designs into reality and who delivers on time

What is the USP of Eribe Knitwear that you will pitch to buyers?

'The Art of Knitting': We knit your favourite jumper, blanket, hat, glove, or scarf; working with beautiful yarns to blend colours, textures and patterns following WGSN trends and listening to our customers.

What are you going to do to prepare for Scottish Interiors LDN?

We are designing a package of information to make it easy for customers to buy interior cushions, throws, and hot water bottle covers; additionally featuring knitted fabrics in a wide variety of yarns, patterns and knitting techniques for designers to work from. Also we are creating a presentation showing photos of our work, an introduction to ERIBÉ, how to work with us, and the prices and costs involved.

Visit ERIBÉ online and view their exhibitor profile for Scottish Interiors: LDN here.


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