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Industry Leadership Group Update

24-Nov-2017 12:07 PM | Kimberley White

The latest meeting of the Scottish Textile Industry Leadership Group (ILG) was kindly hosted on 22nd November by one of Scotland's top legal firms, MacRoberts LLP, at their York Street offices in Glasgow. MacRoberts have, over a number of years, been very supportive of the Scottish textile industry and are Associate Members of Textiles Scotland.

The ILG is a strategically driven body which represents a broad cross-sector of the industry and is responsible for oversight of the Scottish Textile Industry - 10 Year Plan and monitors progress towards achieving the plan's objectives. Click the following links to check out the group's membership and terms of reference.

The meeting concerned itself with two major issues. These were "Markets & Marketing" and "Productivity & Investment". Scottish Development International support many of our businesses on a 121 basis in terms of their internationalisation plans but, following the interiors showcase event held at Scotland House in London in September, they are keen to explore ways in which the industry across all sectors can benefit from group activity. A number of ideas were considered including group participation at well-established exhibitions. Additionally the ILG wish to examine ways in which a digital marketing strategy might be developed to market the Scottish brand on behalf of the industry as a whole.

In recent years much has been made of the success of the public sector funded Alliance Project which operated in the north of England and supported skills, innovation and investment plans. The ILG at a previous meeting asked our public sector partners to explore ways in which something similar could be made to work in Scotland. Scottish Enterprise have led on this development work and an outline plan was presented to the meeting. This will be further refined in coming weeks and we will ensure that our members are kept informed.

If you have any points to make on these areas or wish to know more about the ILG please contact Jaki Love, Director of Textiles Scotland.

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