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Introducing: Crùbag

19-Feb-2018 1:25 PM | Kimberley White

Crùbag is no ordinary textiles company. Borne out of a desire to share the hidden ocean, it fuses a knowledge of science with luxury fashion. The result; a high-end accessory and interiors brand, dedicated to marine ecology and its ambitions set on being stocked in some of the world’s most renowned department stores.

Founder, Jessica Giannotti, a marine science graduate had little to no knowledge of fabrics and fibres, but started her business because she loved aqua life. Jessica had trained in a marine lab not an artist studio. She was used to microscopes not ink and print manufacturing.

So, turning the fascination of phytoplankton and the strange organisms, she had seen under her lens into an evocative, sustainable design business, was a very unexpected turn of events. One that was not without its challenges, especially when Jessica was pushing new print and manufacturing techniques.

Jessica was supported by the Innovation Services of Highlands and Islands Enterprise. For details and the full article please see here

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