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1138 FESTIVAL: Fashion Revolution Edinburgh

17-Apr-2018 12:17 PM | Kimberley White

The Fashion Revolution Scotland team are delighted to finally be able to forward all the details of 1138, a unique festival of events over 1138 minutes in celebration of Fashion Revolution Week - which will include an exclusive Edinburgh Film Screening of River Blue, Sustainable Fashion Fair, Swap Shop, Lunchtime Lectures and Workshops, Poetry Slam and a Club Night - taking place between 23rd-25th April.

The festival of events is called 1138 and will be a reminder of the 1138 garment workers in died in the Rana Plaza factory collapse in 2013. The whole project is run by volunteers who are passionate about fighting for a more ethical fashion future.

The 1138 Festival, in celebration of Fashion Revolution Week, is being promoted through partnerships with Edinburgh University, The Edinburgh ReMakery and The Grassmarket Community Centre, as well as features in publications such as The Daily Record, but we need more help both locally and nationally to spread the word about this feel-good initiative.

You can follow the event through the following social media links:




#1138edinburgh #fashionrevolution #whomademyclothes

Here is the full programme of events:


7pm-9pm Riverblue

Award winning documentary screening followed by Q+A with Niki Taylor and Vivienne Low, Sue Thomas and Aurelie Fontan.

24th April - THE WEE RED BAR

9:00- 10:00 Memory Breakfast

The Memory Breakfast aims to spark a conversation about the issues of fast fashion. This is a great starting point for the second day of 1138 day allowing everybody a safe space to ask questions and explore the core goals of the Fashion Revolution!

10:00-11:00 #whomademyclothes

Show your label, take a selfie, tag the brand and ask #whomademyclothes and share on IG / FB / twitter. Out and about on the streets of Edinburgh!

11:00-13:00 Sustainable Futures Lunchtime Lectures

Various talks about issues regarding sustainability. Featuring Jason Love, who links scientific recycling with the art world through his work exploring the extraction of precious metals from waste electronic materials.

13:30-16:00 Swap Shop

Got some unwanted clothes? Swap them for some fresh new threads and help support change within the fashion industry at the 1138 Swap Shop. Rock up with your clean, good condition items. Want VIP entry before the hoards? Drop off between 10-11am and get access at 1pm.

16:30-17:30 How To Shop with Colour Elements

What comes first – identity or clothes? Can we learn how to shop for clothes or is it something that should come natural to us? With Karen Finlayson from Colour Elements.

18:00-20:00 Fashion Fair and Pop Up Fashion Shoot

Come and shop local at the 1138 Fashion Fair: meet some amazing Scottish brands that embrace quality and environmentally conscious design. Meet people from Fashion Revolution Scotland, Colour Elements and ASCUS Lab and ECA Fashion students sustainable design project.

20:30-22:00 Poetry Slam

Poetry, Rap and Spoken Word, taking on the issues of consumption, capitalism, environment, identity and fashion. Featuring both established and emerging poets this event will be an entertaining and challenging take on sustainability and ethics using spoken word and performance as a vehicle for discussion and change.

22:00-03:00 Revival Club Night

Dress code: second hand, vintage or maybe you'll come sporting one of your new swaps from the 1138 Swap Shop. With drinks promos and a line-up of disco, funk and soul REVIVAL promises to be a great night for everyone.


Join us at the Edinburgh Remakery for this special one-off workshop in clothing and textile care with seamstress Gillian. It’s estimated that this Spring 235 million items of clothing will end up in landfill in the UK. So come and learn some some fun new skills that could not only save you money but also save your favourite dress, jumper or trousers from ending up in the bin! Please note that this workshop is limited to 10 people and spaces must be reserved on the Edinburgh Remakery website.


Here is some more information about the organisation:

Fashion Revolution is a global movement that works for a more sustainable fashion industry, campaigning for systemic reform of the industry with a special focus on the need for greater transparency in the fashion supply chain. Fashion Revolution is a non-profit organisation with a presence in over 100 countries around the world.

April 2018 will mark the 5th anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse and the launch of Fashion Revolution. During that time, millions of people all over the world have joined Fashion Revolution to demand a fairer, more transparent industry. It is clear that brands are listening and we are holding them to account.

To ensure they continue to listen and create the far reaching, permanent change needed to ensure we never see a tragedy like Rana Plaza again, we need everyone to join Fashion Revolution and keep asking one simple question: Who Made My Clothes?

Orsola de Castro, Fashion Revolution Founder said:

"Fashion is a reflection of the culture we live in, so together we must change the culture that surrounds it into one that demands positive leadership, transparency, accountability, and better lives all round. The fashion industry should lead on ethics and sustainability.”

For further information and other ideas on how to get involved, including free downloads of images and graphics, visit www.fashionrevolution.org

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