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Requests for fabric and sewing machines

29-Aug-2018 3:45 PM | Kimberley White

As the industry body passionately supporting the design and manufacture of textiles in Scotland, we pride ourselves on our vast network of contacts.

We are on the hunt to help out a couple of organisations in need of materials and  machines; Rosemount Lifelong Learning Centre, and the Salisbury Centre.

Rosemount Lifelong Learning Centre

Rosemount Lifelong Learning Centre is a community based charity in Royston, Glasgow with the mission to increase life chances through learning for children, young people and adults living in Royston and wider North Glasgow. Rosemount operate various services in the community including children and family services, addictions, activities, volunteering opportunities, community learning and education. They are interested in starting up their own community sewing group at the centre. 

Can you donate?

  • Sewing machines
  • Old fabric stock
  • Offcuts

Please contact: Christine Towers.

Salisbury Centre

The Salisbury Centre are a Mind, Body and Spirit Centre promoting meditation, well being, and therapies. They are looking to offer daytime sewing and cushion making courses.

Can you donate?

  • Sewing machines
Please contact: Sarah Gardener.

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