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New service to tackle trade barriers launched

11-Feb-2020 2:52 PM | Anonymous

A trade barrier is something that slows down, limits or prevents a UK business exporting to or investing in an overseas market. After the UK’s exit from the EU we can expect new barriers for Scotland’s exporters. Trade barriers make imported goods and services less competitive than those produced locally, e.g.:

  • tariffs and taxes imposed to protect, or favour, local producers
  • unfair use of state help or subsidies
  • excessive labelling rules or burdensome customs procedures
  • restrictive government procurement rules and practices
  • technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures that are not in line with the WTO’s Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Agreement
  • poor protection of intellectual property rights and geographical indicators
  • misuse of sanitary and phytosanitary measures (food safety, plant/ animal health)
  • restrictions on access to raw materials
  • barriers to trade in services and investment, such as unjustified foreign ownership caps, joint venture obligations and discriminatory treatment

Last year the UK Government’s trade team launched a UK-wide tool. Businesses, representative organisations and industry bodies can access the tool to log any barriers.

The Scottish Government is now part of the UK-wide team which receives information on trade barriers from businesses in the UK, focusing on those impacting Scotland.

Report a trade barrier at https://www.great.gov.uk/report-trade-barrier/

Please also let Textiles Scotland, part of UKFT, know about your problem so we can support and track your application. Contact jaki@textilescotland.com

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