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    Superior Interiors

    160 airlines - including Virgin Atlantic (pictured) - and aircraft manufacturers choose Muirhead Leather for their aircraft interiors.

    Prestigious clients choose Muirhead Leather

    Andrew Muirhead & Son has been producing high performance leather since 1840. 

    Today they export to over 60 countries, and are renowned for their quality, service and environmental awareness.

    They are the only UK seating leather manufacturer and the world's largest supplier of leather to the global aviation industry.

    Clients include:

    • Lamborghini
    • Singapore Airlines (image from previous page)
    • The Ozone Bar, Hong Kong
    • Hilton Hotels
    • P&O Cruise Liners
    • National Museum of Scotland
    • The UK Supreme Court
    • Hakkasan restaurant, Mayfair
    • Arsenal Emirates Stadium

    For all of these images and more, visit the Muirhead Leather facebook page