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    The Inside Stitch - bluebellgray

    Bluebellgray is an exciting, young textile design company specialising in home interiors.

    Fi Douglas, founder and designer of the Glasgow based firm shares her story and words of wisdom on the fabulous Scottish textiles industry.


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    Somerset Collection

    What’s so special about the industry?

    The freedom to share design and colour – it can have such an impact on people’s lives to have uplifting design in their homes and there’s something really special about that.


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    What words of advice do you have?

    Aside from working hard and all that is involved in the business side, what you really need above all is a passion for your design.  There will always be some pressure to follow trends but when you stay true to your instincts you will always produce your most successful work.

    Cushions at Decorex 2013

    What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned along the way?

    Stay true to yourself and trust your instincts; often the colours you love and the designs which make you feel good will be the ones which people will respond to best.  Along the journey you learn that everyone has an idea for your design, and it’s always great to take these on board, but at the end of the day you have to follow your heart.


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    What other Scottish textiles companies do you admire?

    Brora make the most beautiful knitwear especially for children (I am often on their site browsing for my baby boy!) Timorous Beasties have always followed their own path and I really love that about them – their designs are so iconic now.  And Johnstons of Elgin is another favourite – their woven throws are beautiful.

    bluebellgray at Decorex 2013

    What do you think will have the greatest impact on the Scottish textile industry?

    It’s so tough to predict but already the developments in the technology and materials available over the last 10 years have been huge.  Printing developments have given a real freedom to textiles that never existed before and new techniques are being born all the time.  And it certainly seems as if there are a lot more options for local sourcing now which is really lovely to see.  There is a lot of support in Scotland to help get your design out there, build your business and to discover new markets so that will certainly have a big impact too.